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     My studio practice is a combination of childhood aspiration, personal escapism, and existentialism. I use the concept that form follows function applied to a blend of anatomical and architectural design. I make forms that pull the viewer's eye with a sense of familiarity, awe, and curiosity. The goal of my studio practice is to tap into a child-like wonder about something that could have been or might become.


     My academic career educated me about systems of tissues, organs, and their relationships to help organisms function. I now use shapes influenced by anatomy and science-fiction/fantasy where two vessels are related by form, implied function, and aesthetics. I make the parts of one functioning whole where individual units rely on one another to perform a greater function. Each individual part carries its own weight in design and aesthetic. Crisp lines separate planes designated for different interactions. Soft rounded curves hint at the range of motion and stability of a joint. Sinew gives volume and mass to muscle bodies that taper and swell while indicating the direction it pulls. Evolution has given us beautiful anatomical shapes and relationships, each designed for a specific function, to help organisms survive different selective pressures. I use these shapes as my building blocks and guidelines. 


     At its core, my work builds worlds. The interaction of two forms give insight into possible biomechanics. A handful of them tell stories of death or methods of success. Full-body articulation gently unveils full form and ecological niche. The existence of one begs for the creation of another. Resource competition and predator-prey relationships influence behavior and specialization. My understanding and appreciation for anatomy pushes me to dive further into specialized biomechanics and make forms that tell stories of how organisms, real or not, survived and interacted with the world around them.

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