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I have found myself playing with curve, line, and layers. My goal is to use these aspects to draw in the eye of the viewer with my playful curiosity. I want the curves to exaggerate volume and anatomy. As the curve disappears, your eye continues to move and follow around the pot. There also is a softness to these curves that give a sense of comfort. The lines convey dynamic movement. A continuous ebb and flow, swells and troughs. I use layers to add a hint of curiosity and mystery. The slabs I add engulf the thrown form while remaining aesthetically and anatomically independent. The relationship and contrast between the two “vessels' helps emphasize both. One may be static while the other dynamic. One may be soft and textile-like, while the other viscous and fluid. Handles wrap and hold the pot instead of attaching to the surface.

 As of this moment, I couldn’t tell you why this combination of elements and forms draw my interest and I feel as though it would be disingenuous to make something up. My adventure in clay has been the process of finding what draws me in and developing the techniques and skills to help clarify my vision. The process has been exciting, frustrating, and cathartic. I am excited to figure out solutions in the studio and it's what keeps me coming back.

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