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A semi-clever Yelp review

Its hard to be serious and squeeze in a yelp review at the same time. If you are wondering what my time as an apprentice has been like, visit my words page. 

Screenshot 2021-04-26 140723.png

Coffee this morning from a Brian Chen @brianchenpottery mug. Smallish, a bit heavy for its size, (but that’s by design,)compact, and full of remarkable architecture to take in as I drink. Wheel thrown, two finger handle, ribbed texture vertically on the surface, with one carved or pressed line (that mimics the architecture of the base) meandering in a purposeful manner around the top of the mug. The fire has done wonderful things on the inside of the handle, The outside surface of the wall, culminating with a bit of flash on the protrusion at the base of the piece. The thumb rest on the handle makes a perfect diagonal down to that protrusion. It’s pretty hard to stop looking at this piece, even as I lift it up and take a gander at the very bottom! This one is certainly a favorite!

- Bambi Anderson (IG: @bambianderson70)

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