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We want to give thanks with you.

The past week has been weird and hard on all of us. Many critical unknowns and time spent isolated because of the necessity of  this pandemic have emphasized the importance of reaching out to those we care about. On Wednesday, March 25th, Simon, Dan, and I are having a sale to join you in connection with those you love. Through Simon's website, you be able to purchase pots made by any one of us for yourself but we want to promote connection and thankfulness and encourage you buy these pots for someone you hold dear. With discount code CAREPACKAGE you will receive 20% off to aid your efforts to reach out.

In addition, we would also like to help give thanks to those working in the medical field, working long hours to help those in need and risking exposure to do so. In an effort to thank those on the front lines of this pandemic, any purchase as gift to someone working in the medical field with discount code MEDICAL will receive 50% off their order. If you would like to make a purchase for yourself and are working in medicine, feel free to use this code as well. 

Include a note in the comments section and we will include a hand written message from you. We'll get through this.